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Product brief:Single Drum vibratory rollers are suitable for compaction of non-cohesive materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand-macadam mixture, sandy soil and rock filling etc. on base course sub-base and embankment fill construction etc., which are ideal equipment for high-class highway, railway, airport, harbors, dams and large-scale industrial ground etc.
Product brief:Hydraulic double drum vibratory rollers are manufactured according to international advanced technology and by use of imported main components abroad, suitable for compaction of various stabilized soils, bituminous concrete and rolling cement concrete (RCC) on road surface construction, also for compaction of road base course, which are universal compaction equipments for high-class highway, airport, harbors, dam, municipal road and industrial ground.
Product brief:Heavy duty three wheel static roller is suitable for compaction of various such as gravel, crushed store, sand-macadam mixture, sandy soil, stabilized soils and bituminous concrete etc. on base course and surface construction, which is a universal compaction equipment for highway, municipal road parking area and industrial ground.
Product brief:The small vibratory roller adopts overseas advanced technology and imported key components, suitable for compaction construction of stabilized soil and asphalt concrete material, which is the ideal compaction equipment for building roads, repairing municipal roads and building industrial sites, such as gym, garden and lawn.