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Product brief:The skip steer loader is a type of material loading machine that our company develops in order to meet domestic and overseas requirements, which can be used for earthwork spading and moving and material moving. If equipped with different accessories, it can be used for all kinds of work, such as furrowing, cleaning, milling, crushing, snow removal etc. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, architecture etc.
Product brief:The road recycler is efficient, economical and environmental road construction equipment, produced by our company for the urban and rural road rebuild. In recycling work, it can mill, pulverize old asphalt road, and mix together with stable agent, cement (or lime) and water (or emulsified asphalt) into the fresh road surface base. The machine also is used for stabilization in place of soil material with lime, cement, or asphalt in road construction
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Product brief:Telescopic handler is a type of multi-functional working machine, which is mainly used in material moving, hoisting, aerial work, stacking, shoveling and digging, loading and unloading, installation and maintenance etc.